Additional Items for the Prairie Option

With the Prairie Option the host will pay a per person fee based on the type of product the host chooses to have served, as provided below. This does not include other costs such as the fees for bartenders.

Prairie Selections


House Wine/Domestic Beer/Well Spirits


Fine Wine/Import Beer/Premium Spirits


Beer & Wine only (House/Dom)


Beer & Wine only (Fine/Imp/Prem)


Specialty Drink+any selection


Specialty Drink only

Price Per Guest$12.00$14.00$10.00$13.00Selection $ + $4$12.00

With the Sunflower Option an inventory of all drinks ordered by your guests will be kept throughout the event. At the end of the event, you will only pay for the products we provided for your guests. This does not include other costs such as the fees for bartenders. The prices listed on the Cash Bar page will be used for the amounts charged.

The Prairie Option

The Sunflower Option

You may decide that you would like to pay for your guests' drinks during your event. If this is your desire then there are two different options: The Sunflower Option and the Prairie Option.

  • An 18% gratuity is added to the host's alcohol costs. The 18% gratuity is calculated by taking the number of beverages served and multiplying by 3. We use 18% of that amount for the required gratuity. Ex. 300 beverages served * 3 = 900. 900 * 18% = $162 gratuity. With the Host's permission tip jars can be displayed and the amount received will be deducted from the 18% required amount.
  • Both options are for a 4hr serving period. Additional hours may be added (ask for pricing).

Shaken or Stirred bartending services in Wichita & local areas: Host Bar Options

Shaken or Stirred Bartending Services in Wichita: Host Bar

Shaken or Stirred Bartending


Below are some additional but not mandatory fees for the Prairie Option.  Some hosts like to provide some of the items on their own such as personalized napkins or cups, maybe ice is provided at the venue already, or possibly a Soda gun is provided. In order to keep your costs as economical as possible we list these item prices separately.


Straws, Napkins & Cups


Fruit & Mixers

Price  Per Guest$1.00$1.00$1.00